Coping with Crisis

Coping with Crisis

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Coping with Crisis is a "must read" for families facing the challenges of illness in hospital. It is a concise resource that combines personally relevant information with pastoral support.

Coping with Crisis provides a sensitive introduction to difficult themes in easily accessible language. One-page chapters tackle commonly experienced questions:

- how can I process medical uncertainty and its emotional cost?
- what do I do for the best when someone is deteriorating: goals of care?
- when is letting go more appropriate than clinging on?
- what do terms like DNACPR and ACP mean, and how do they apply to me?
- how can I make my wishes about treatment known when I am feeling so intimidated by the hospital environment?

CWC is particularly designed to pave the way towards better conversations with doctors and nurses, and "shared decision-making".

CWC is ideal as a "free to take away" item for the hospital bedside locker or clinic waiting areas. It is also useful for informing and educating health professionals.

Further discounts may be available for orders over 5,000 copies - please email or call 028 9260 6966. We are happy to supply healthcare trusts and other professional users on a purchase order basis, subject to a minimum order of 100 booklets. Orders should be placed with Tricord. Please email or call if further information is required.