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This is a story of hope and healing and a story that Charlene Barr asked her brother to tell. This book is a must read this summer.

In Spring 2009 Charlene Barr was told the devastating news that she needed a lung transplant to survive. The very evening she received this news she made the decision that if she couldn’t go to school then she was going to spend the time she was waiting for a transplant to raise money to build a school in Uganda for some of the children she had seen there during a family visit in 2008.

Read this incredible story, told by her brother David that traces Charlene’s life, her struggles and her journey towards transplant.

Today Hidden Treasure stands in Charlene’s memory and Charlene’s Project continues the work Charlene started. Charlene couldn’t change her circumstances - against all the odds she made an incredible choice. To look beyond herself and to think of others in the midst of her own crisis.

All monies raised through the sale of this book will be used to further the work of Charlene’s Project.

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Author:      David Barr

ISBN         978-0-9933011-0-0

Pages       256

Size         A5

Binding  Perfect

Edition   1